Economic Update for May 2023

Calm before the storm - when do we start seeing the volatility?

There has been a number of market moving news in the last week or so. Yet, the markets have been benign and fairly calm. The big news that awaits the markets now is on how the debt ceiling gets resolved...

Economic Update for April 2023

Running on fumes - how long can we go before we hit recession?

It has been quite a month! FED very successfully dodged the banking crisis and got away with raising rates one more time. The market thinks they are likely to raise once more...

Economic Update for March 2023

Late Cycle Blues - this is the gist of the current state of markets.

We have witnessed the fastest rate hikes in the last half a century. As has always been the case, these rate hikes precipitate certain events that shine the light on deep cracks in the financial systems...

Economic Update for February 2023

There has been a flurry of data updates and changes in January that are very much in contrast with the trajectory we have been on for the few months prior. We are seeing a bounce in most of the economic data, bond yields and most surely in equity prices. While this may all seem like good news, perhaps the apt metaphor to describe this could be the following...

Economic Update for January 2023

A few things are less fun than seeing paint dry. The economic update since the last month belongs to this category...

Economic Update for December 2022

FED appears to have peaked in their hawkishness...

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